CRAAP Criteria: Currency

Currency is important because information can quickly become obsolete.

Supporting your thesis statement with facts that have been superseded by new research or recent events weakens your argument.

Of course, not all assignments require the most current information; older materials can provide an historical or comprehensive understanding of your topic.

How do you evaluate timeliness?

  • When was the information published or last updated?
  • Have newer articles been published on your topic?
  • Are links or references to other sources up to date?
  • Is your topic in an area that changes rapidly, like technology or popular culture?

Look for:

  • Find the last updated date in the header or footer of a web document. Print items often have a publication date on the inside cover or title page.
  • If the author uses facts or statistics from another source, make sure they are properly cited with the date. You may want to confirm this information in the original source.
  • Check OneSearch to see if there is more recent information.

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