Resources in Courses

The library contains a wide variety of resources available for online courses, including articles, e-books, and streaming videos.  Including library resources in a course encourages students to use the library, prevents copyright concerns, and ensures students can obtain a copy of the readings assigned.

Adding Library Resources to a CourseSyllabus reading list with three bibliographic citations. Below each citation is the non-hyperlinked note in green font saying "Available in the UI&U Library"

  1. Check. Verify the resource is available in the library collection.
    • Go to the library website
    • Copy and paste the title into the search box (see search tips).
    • If available, there will be a Read Online or Watch Online link.  Please note that the library’s interlibrary loan service cannot be used for obtaining course readings due to copyright and other restrictions
    • Click the Read Online link and review the resource
  2. Update Course. Add the bibliographic citation along with a non-hyperlinked message that the resource is available in the UI&U Library.  Message examples are below and you are also welcome to craft a custom message.

Available in the UI&U Library

Available in the UI&U Library (search tips)

The following required readings are available in the UI&U Library:

The following required readings are available in the UI&U Library. Instructions: 1) open a new tab/window in your browser, 2) go to the library homepage (, 3) copy & paste the title into the OneSearch search box, and 4) click the “read online” or “watch online” link. If there are too many search results, try adding the author’s last name or quotation marks around the title. You can also use the left sidebar to limit the source type to ebooks, videos, or journal articles.


The library has subscriptions to several video collections. The easiest way to share a video is using a non-hyperlinked “Available in the UI&U Library” message. Videos from Films on Demand, Alexander Street Press, and Kanopy can also be embedded. videos can be embedded by creating a video clip to embed.  Please remember to include the citation information with the video.

Note on Permalinks

Permalinks or direct links to library resources are unreliable and not recommended. However, in certain circumstances, for example, when a resource cannot be found using OneSearch, creating a permalink may be the best solution. Please contact a librarian for assistance in this situation.

Two bibliographic citations with the message "Available in the UI&U Library" beneath. The second "Available in the UI&U Library" message is hyperlinked.

Problems with Permalinks

  • Permalinks are difficult to create and maintain for faculty, staff, and librarians
  • Redirects from HTTP to HTTPS can fail
  • Link mistakes can be made when a course is transferred to a new term
  • When a permalink is copied from Microsoft Web Outlook into Microsoft Word, the link may reformat with Outlook login information
  • The displayed link text may be different from the actual URL
  • Browser URLs can be accidentally used instead of permalinks