Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliographies are a valuable part of the research process.  They are used in a variety of contexts, including: research papers, grant proposals, consulting, and work projects.  They provide you a place to collect information and to write about how you may use that information.

Simply put, an annotated bibliography is a collection of sources around a particular topic of interest with each source containing a summary (annotation) of its content.  It is important to follow your instructor’s guidelines for such an assignment as there is a broad range of ways one can approach constructing such a collection.  Some annotated bibliographies are a collection of many sources, sometimes hundreds of sources, with a one or two sentence annotation; others will have annotations that are several paragraphs or even several pages.  Typically, an annotated bibliography provides the source citation as it would appear in a bibliography and then a paragraph or two summarizing the information in the source.  Some bibliographies will analyze the source as well in terms of its value to the overall research.

Additional Information

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