Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is the process by which libraries share their resources. It can help you obtain PDF copies of articles and book chapters that would not ordinarily be available.

Access your Interlibrary Loan Account


Getting Started.  Click the “Interlibrary Loan Account” link above to create an account, place a request, cancel a request, or check the status of a request.

Cost. Free

Delivery Time. 2-14 days. Delivery time depends on the lending library and time of year. If this is a time sensitive request, please contact a librarian who can help explore alternative resources and other options with you.

Place a Request.  If an item is not available in OneSearch, there will be a “request through interlibrary loan” link that you can click to request it.  Interlibrary loan requests can be placed by clicking the “Interlibrary Loan Account” link above and filling out a request form.

Prior to Placing Your Request. Please check OneSearch, Google Scholar@UI&U, and the ProQuest databases prior to placing an interlibrary loan request. Some open access and subscription resources are not indexed in OneSearch and can only be found through Google Scholar or ProQuest.

Eligible Resources
• Articles and book chapters

Ineligible Resources
• Textbooks and required readings*
• Print books
• Videos and Audiobooks

Textbooks & Required Readings* Not Eligible. Requests take time to process and we cannot guarantee the reading will arrive in time for your course. In addition, we are not able to request multiple copies of the same reading to multiple students due to copyright restrictions. The library does try to purchase as many required readings as possible, but many are unavailable for institutional purchase due to publisher restrictions. If you are having difficulty obtaining your course readings, please reach out to you instructor.

Number of Requests. You can place 15 requests at a time. In other words, your account can have 15 active requests at any one time. Once a request has been delivered to you, it will no longer be active and you can place additional requests.

Eligibility. Currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff.