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Welcome to  Interlibrary Loan at the UI&U Library!

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Here you will learn:

  • The guidelines for Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
  • How to create an account with which you can place requests for resources that we do not have in our collections.
  • How to place a request and then retrieve an article once it has been electronically delivered to you.


Create an Account or Place a Request



What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is the process by which libraries share their resources.

How many requests can I place?

Undergraduate students can have 10 active requests.
Graduate students, faculty, and staff can have 15 active requests.

A request is considered "active" until the item is delivered.

Is there a cost?

Interlibrary loan is free for students, faculty, and staff.

What sorts of materials CAN be requested through ILL?

You may request any resources that we do not have direct access to in the UI&U Library. Try to find them in OneSearch and Google Scholar@UI&U, and request any titles that you need that are not available in our collections.

  • Articles
  • Book chapters
What materials can NOT be requested through ILL?

Textbooks are not available through ILL – most libraries will not lend them at all, and if they do the time allotted is too limited to be useful to a solid course of study. We try to get as many textbooks as possible in an ebook format, but many are unavailable for institutional purchase.

Certain recently published articles, and pre-published articles – Much new journal content is embargoed for anywhere between two and 18 months. You are welcome to place a request for a new article, but please be aware that it may not be able to be filled.

Multimedia Materials– We are unable to borrow audiobooks and videos.

Print Books- Print books are not currently available through interlibrary loan.

How do I place a request?

In OneSearch. If a document is not available in OneSearch, the "Read Online" link will be replaced with a "Request through Interlibrary Loan" link that can click to place an interlibrary loan request.

In ILLiad. You can also place an interlibrary loan request by selecting the Interlibrary Loan tab on the library website and clicking the "Create an Account or Place a Request" link.  In the left sidebar, select Article or Book Chapter under New Request.

The first time you place a request, you will be prompted to create an ILLiad account. This is a one-time process, where you will enter your personal information and contact information.

• This information can be changed at any time by selecting “Tools – change user information” on the left navigation bar.
• If your address has changed, please update to the correct address in ILLiad.

How long does it take for a request to arrive?

We recommend you allow up to two weeks for a request to be filled.  If you need a resource urgently, we recommend contacting a UI&U Librarian so we can explore other options with you.

My request was canceled. What other options do I have?

If your request is canceled, we always give you as much information as possible to explain why. Sometimes they are canceled because we have the item or it is available online. The resource could also be rare, or non-circulating.

We also suggest checking to find out if the resource is available at a library near you. WorldCat enables you to search libraries worldwide, all from your computer.

  1. Access WorldCat at
  2. Enter your search terms. Search by title, ISBN, or keywords.WorldCat Search Box
  3. On the results list, you will see brief bibliographic information about each resource. To find out if a title is available at a local library, select it from the results.
  4. Scroll down to the “Find a copy in the library” section of the page. Enter your zip code in the “Enter your location” field.WorldCat find a copy in the library search
  5. Contact the library to verify the item is available and to inquire about gaining access to the library as a community member.
Who is eligible to use ILL?


Current Union Institute & University students, faculty and staff in good standing are eligible to make ILL requests.