Faculty Services

Our library provides resources for supporting your teaching endeavors at Union Institute & University and incorporating useful links to library resources into your online courses. We also welcome your participation in ongoing efforts to build and expand our online research collections of electronic books, periodical subscriptions, research databases, and other web-based resources.

If you would like to learn more about incorporating online library resources (e-books, journal articles, doctoral dissertations, etc.) into your online courses, required reading lists, and course syllabi, please contact Susan Whitehead.

If you would like to participate in library collection development, please contact Matt Pappathan.

  • Citations & Plagiarism. The library help center includes tutorials, APA & MLA citation examples, and a citation formatting tool.
  • Research Assignments.  Librarians are happy to assist with developing or reviewing research assignments.  We also have pre-made research assignments and tutorials.
  • Professional Development. Have journals delivered directly to your email with journal alerts.

Articles, Books, Videos, and Course Resources

The UI&U Library contains a wide-variety of resources available for your online courses, including articles, e-books, and streaming videos. Including library resources in a course encourages students to use the library, prevents copyright concerns, and ensures students can obtain a copy of the readings assigned.  Librarians recommend sharing resources using a non-hyperlinked Available in the UI&U Library message.  Learn more.


Our librarians would be happy to create a presentation for your course, academic residency, department meeting, or conference. Most presentations are hosted online using Zoom online conferencing. We can also provide live presentations at our Cincinnati Academic Center.

Send an email to library@myunion.edu to request a presentation.  Please include as much of the following information as you can: date/time (tentative is fine), number of participants, participant’s research experience, accommodations that are needed, and any content you would like covered.

Chronicle of Higher Education Subscription

“The Chronicle of Higher Education has the nation’s largest newsroom dedicated to covering colleges and universities. As the unrivaled leader in higher education journalism, we serve our readers with indispensable real-time news and deep insights, plus the essential tools, career opportunities, and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world.”

UI&U faculty, staff, and students have free digital access to the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Note: you can ignore the subscribe/login information in the top, right-hand corner of the Chronicle website.  You only need to create a personal account if you want to save articles or create an email alert.

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Supervision of Dissertations, Theses, and Capstone Projects