Films on Demand

Creating a Link

  1. To create a video link: open the Films on Demand database (library homepage > articles & databases tab> all databases link > Films on Demand)
  2. Use the search box to find the video
  3. Select embed/link
  4. Copy & paste the video’s Record URL into your syllabus.
  5. When adding a link in CampusWeb, it is a good practice to select “new window” as the target so students do not have to leave the course site to view the video.

Note: you can add a video screenshot/image and turn the image into a link to the video.Films on Demand record URL example


Embedding a Video:

  1. Open the Films on Demand database and use the search box to find the video
  2. Select embed/link
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Open CampusWeb in a new browser window or tab
  5. Add an element to your course
  6. Click the Source Code <> button
  7. Paste the embed code into the textbox