Alexander Street Press Videos

Creating a Link:

  1. Find the video that you want to link to
  2. Click Embed/Link below the video
  3. Copy & paste the link into your syllabus


Completed: Hendrix, Harville (Producer). (2008). The healing relationship [Video]. Retrieved from Counseling and Therapy in Video Available in the UI&U Library (direct link)


Embedding a Video:

  1. Locate the video
  2. Click the Embed/Link icon
  3. Copy the embed code
  4. Open CampusWeb in a new browser window or tab
  5. Add an element to your course
  6. Click the Source Code <> button
  7. Paste the embed code into the textbox
  8. Below, video embed code, add the following note:

<p>There is embedded video on this screen. If you don’t see that video, please look for a grey shield in the address bar (in Firefox or Chrome) or a popup box (in Internet Explorer) to disable the security feature. I promise this content is safe.</p>

Video embed code and note