Course Resources

The library provides a variety of services and resources to support faculty in their mission of providing students with an enriching educational experience:

Letters of Welcome: The library contacts all incoming students.  Our goal is to reach students as soon as they enroll and provide them with the resources and services they need to be successful in their academic programs.

Help: Librarians are available to assist both you and your students. Contact a librarian by phone ( 513-487-1487) or email (

Tutorials: The library help center includes guides many guides that can be added to courses.

Presentations: Librarians give course and academic residency presentations throughout the year.  If your course includes a research component, we would be happy to provide a custom-designed presentation.

Collection Development: Ebook and journal purchase recommendations are always welcome.

Resources: The library contains a wide-variety of articles, ebooks, videos, and other resources that can be added to your online course.

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