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Saving to OneSearch Folders

How can researchers save and organize the articles, e-books, and other resources they find? One solution is to save them to a OneSearch (or My EBSCOhost) account.  Please note: sign in to permanently save your resources. If not signed in, your resources will only be saved for that session and will be lost once you close your browser window.

Sign In

  1. Go to OneSearch
  2. Click Sign In (top, right)
  3. Login to your OneSearch (My EBSCOhost) account. If you do not have an account, click the “Create a new Account” link. Then create an account with a login and password of your choice.

Save to Folders

  1. Each item in the search results will have a blue folder/plus mark icon. Click the icon to save.
  2. To see your saved resources, click the Folder icon (top, right)
  3. Once in your OneSearch account, you can view saved resources, create subfolders, organize resources, and share resources with others.

OneSearch interface with callouts on icons for folder and add to folder.