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For your enjoyment, here is a comic about e-books from Jeffrey Koterba.  The original can be found on and is used with permission.  As a kid, Jeff began drawing cartoons as an escape from the pandemonium surrounding him—a house filled with broken TVs his dad fixed and sold for extra money. A jazz drummer whose big dreams never panned out, his dad displayed tics—symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome, a condition Jeff inherited. From the canyons of electronics and discouragement great and small, emerged a young man determined to follow his creative spirit to grand heights. He found himself on a journey back to the father he once longed to escape. Inklings is an exuberant, heart-felt memoir infused with a uniquely irresistible optimism.

His memoir Inklings is available on 

Comic featuring two men in a fancy home library. There shelves are bare with the exception of three ebook readers. One man says, "Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader...I say Hardick, this sure is an impressive library."