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Career & Job Search

Whether you are looking for a job or just polishing your professional skills, the library has hundreds of resources that offer the knowledge and tools that you are looking for. The links below are shortcuts to some of the resources that you need to succeed:

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  • Videos: the library collection includes over 400 career & job search videos, divided into the following categories: career fields, job success, job search, and career exploration.
  • Career Transitions  is an online career guidance center that will walk you through the job-search process from beginning to end. It offers a complete,  personalized and guided experience from assessing strengths and interests, to exploring new opportunities, to ultimately improving the chances of landing a job.  -Publisher’s Description, edited

In addition to these resources be sure to take advantage of  UI&U Career Services. Services include career counseling appointments, resume and cover letter assistance, practice interviews, additional career resources, assessments and more!  Get in touch with your career counselor at / 800.486.3116 X 2170 or visit us on CampusWeb.