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Interlibrary Loan and the Coronavirus

We hope that you all are staying safe and healthy during this time. Because we are an online-only library, we don’t anticipate any disruptions to our in-house services. All of our online resources are still available and our librarians are available to answer your questions and to set up appointments.

There may be some difficulties obtaining interlibrary loan requests at this time as many academic and public libraries decide to temporarily close.

On a brighter note, you may find that there are many more full-text resources available than usual in OneSearch. Many vendors and publishers are opening up their collections and making more resources accessible to libraries during these uncertain times. Please be sure to download any PDFs of full text articles during this time as these additional resources are temporary.

If you need help finding e-book, journal article, video, or dissertation resources, please contact a librarian at or 513-487-1487.