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Historical New York Times

The inauguration of a world leader.  A breakthrough medical discovery.  A declaration of war.  The social event of the season. The rock concert of a generation.  A technological wonder.  A death in the family.  The birth of freedom.

For centuries, newspapers have been at the scene capturing not only the facts about momentous occasions, but also the sights and sounds of everyday life. ProQuest Historical Newspapers lets casual explorers and serious researchers alike travel digitally back through centuries to become eyewitnesses to history. -ProQuest Brochure

old newspapersIssues of the New York Times from 1851-2008 are hosted in library’s Historical New York Times database (recent issues can be found in OneSearch).  The Historical New York Times database can be accessed from the library’s Databases by Subject page (Library Home > Databases link > Select “New York Times, Historical”).  Once you are in the database, enter keywords in the search box to locate scanned copies of newspaper articles.