Library e-books can be found by selecting “eBooks” under Source Types.

Hint: Faculty and graduate students may want to select both “eBooks” and “books” as some e-books are incorrectly classified as print books). You may also want to select “No Interlibrary Loan Results” to remove print book records from the search results. The UI&U Library does not contain print books and it is difficult and slow to obtain them through interlibrary loan. If you need a print book, please contact a librarian so we can explore options with you.

Limiters selected for books, e-books, and "no interlibrary loan results"

Although library e-books have varying formats and layouts, many have similar features. The easiest way to read an e-book is to 1) go to the table of contents, 2) open a chapter, and 3) read the chapter online or print it as a PDF.

Note: Downloading is not available in ProQuest or EBSCO due to functionality problems. Also, while the entire e-book can be read online, most publishers limit the number of pages a person can print or copy to 15-30% of the book.

EBSCO Print or Save Pages Guide

ProQuest Print or Save Pages Guide

Please note: downloading to Adobe Digital Editions is disabled in EBSCO and ProQuest due to functionality problems with these databases.

E-book from EBSCO eBook Complete

E-book from ProQuest Ebook Central