Using the Library: Interlibrary LoaInterlibrary Loan

At times, the materials you need for your research will not be available through the UI&U Library. When this occurs, you can use our interlibrary loan (ILL) service to request items that we do not own, and we will work with a network of other libraries to obtain those items for you.

Step 1: Create an ILLiad account
The first thing you will need to do will be to create an ILLiad account. You can do this by clicking the interlibrary loan tab on the library homepage.  It is a one-time process, where you will enter your personal information and the correct mailing address for physical items.

• This information can be changed at any time by selecting “Tools – change user information” on the left navigation bar.
• If your mailing address has changed, please update to the correct address in ILLiad. There is no automatic update of your mailing address through UI&U.

Step 2: Request an Item
Select the type of request you are making on the left navigation bar. The choices are as follows:

Options for placing ILL requests in ILLiad.

Step 3:
Fill out the form according to as much of the citation information as you can. Each part of the form corresponds to one part the citation. Please enter the authors’ names in the following format:

Writer, Jane A.; Author, James E.

Sometimes an article or book can be found without an author, but it does make the process more difficult, so please fill it out the form as completely as you can.

If you find that you are placing a request without a journal title or article title, please contact a librarian directly and we will do our best to help you to find what you need!

Step 4:
Submit the request.