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How to Find an Article, Book, or Video

Find an Article, Book, or Video:

  1. Go to the UI&U Library homepage ( or google UI&U Library)
  2. Copy & paste the title into the OneSearch search box
  3. If available, there will be a “read online” or “watch online” link that you can click to access the resource.

Find a Book Chapter:

  1. Search by the book’s title
  2. Use the table of contents to find the chapter title

Search Hints

  • If there are too many results, try adding the author’s last name or quotation marks around the title e.g. “Moby Dick” Melville
  • Be careful about differentiating between a book and any reviews or critiques written about it

Search for the book Moby Dick.

Research a Topic

Use keywords to find books, articles, and other resources on your topic.

Scope: a manageable research topic will have 2-3 concepts. For example, the use of an emergent curriculum in preschool classrooms.

Add the most important words to the search box. A simpler search is often best.

OneSearch search box with the terms emergent curriculum preschool

Search box with the keywords emergent curriculum preschool