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Library News

Thesis Turned Cookbook Helping Thousands

What do eggs, dried beans, rice, oatmeal, yoghurt, and frozen or seasonal vegetables all have in common?  They are food stapes in Good and Cheep, a cookbook designed to help people live on $4/day.  For her master’s thesis at New York University, Leanne Brown challenged herself to create affordable, healthy, and tasty meals for students, seniors, people on food stamps, and anyone else on a tight budget.

Cover of Good and Cheap Cookbook

In her own words, “I wanted to make something that not only summed up the work I had done during my studies, but also had a useful life outside of academia…it bothered me that so many ideas for fixing the food system leave out the poor: it seemed like they didn’t have a voice in the food movement. I wanted to create a resource that would promote the joy of cooking and show just how delicious and inspiring a cheap meal can be if you cook it yourself.”

Her thesis turned kickstarter campaign, resulted in 97,000 free or discounted cookbooks.

Mouthwatering recipes include:

  • Broiled Grapefruit
  • Cold (and Spicy?) Asian Noodles
  • Cornmeal Crusted Veggies
  • Brussels Sprout Hash and Eggs
  • Potato Leek Pizza
  • Black-Eyed Peas and Collards
  • Half-Veggie Burgers
  • Coconut Chocolate Cookies

Inspired to try out some of these recipes?  You can download a free copy of Good & Cheap or purchase a print copy (and a second copy will be donated)

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Succeed and Advance at Work Videos

The library’s Films on Demand database has added 250 videos.  The entire Films on Demand collection includes over 68,000 videos, which can be streamed online and added to CampusWeb courses.

Featured Video: Professionalism 101: Skills to Succeed and Advance at Work Series
With tips and advice from career counselors, human resources reps, new employees, and seasoned business professionals, this three-part series takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success. Each program provides essential information on the big issues (dress codes, asking for a raise) as well as on matters seldom covered (dealing with office politics, surprise visits from higher-ups). Engaging graphics make pertinent points easy to remember, and anecdotes from a focus group of young professionals give real-life context to expert recommendations. The importance of good interpersonal skills and having a positive attitude is promoted throughout. A Cambridge Educational/MotionMasters Coproduction. 3-part series, 25 minutes each. -publisher’s description

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Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is the top source for news in post-secondary education. It brings you news stories of concerning faculty, administra…

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Get Help from a Librarian

The UI&U Library contains millions of scholarly resources, and we know it can sometimes seem challenging to navigate through them. Luckily, library staff members are here to assist you by email, phone, text, or chat whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Email: library@myunion.eduAsk a Librarian tab on navigation bar.
Live Chat: Ask a Librarian
Phone: 800-871-8165 x8747
Text: 802-294-2848

The library’s contact information is also available by clicking the new “Ask a Librarian” button in the top, right-hand corner of the website.

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10 Ways the Library Transforms your Academic Journey

Dear Students:

It’s National Library Week and this year’s theme is Libraries Transform. During this week of celebration, we want to share with you 10 ways the library can transform your academic journey.

1. Vast resources
Our library offers a growing collection of 150+ research databases, containing over 60,000 journals, 250,000 e-books, and millions of theses and dissertations from universities worldwide. Start searching here.

 2. Trusted researchdecorative image

The library provides access to academic, scholarly resources that offer accurate information to support your research.

 3. Personal service

We provide quality, friendly service. Our librarians are available to meet with you individually, and are willing to work around your busy schedule. Librarian assistance is available by email, phone, chat, and text. Schedule your appointment today.

 4. Work from the convenience of home

The library offers students flexibility and convenience that is only a click away. You don’t have to find a parking space, or physically search for books.

 5. Citations made easy

Working with the APA or MLA citation styles? Our databases have citation tools that will automatically format citations for your bibliography.

6. Stay current

Librarians can help you identify the top journals in your field. With database journal alerts, new journal issues will be delivered directly to your inbox. Sign up today.

 7. Interlibrary loan

Need a book or article that is not in the library? Place an interlibrary loan request and we will get it from another library for free!

 8. Career & job search

Looking for a job or polishing your professional skills? The library has hundreds of resources that offer the knowledge and tools to help you on your search.

9. Support 

Don’t go it alone. Facing a daunting paper? Librarians are ready to help you think it through and find the sources you need to ace your assignment. Let’s start that project together.

 10: Just for fun

We think research is fun. To help you improve your research skills and have fun, we developed a treasure hunt with six clues hidden throughout the library website.

decorative image

Matthew Pappathan

Director of Library Services

Union Institute & University



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